Project Listings

1. Generosity Feeds - FULL

Location: Brookside Church

Details: Prepare and pack 10,000 meals for children in the Fort Wayne area.

Supplies: Helping hands

Max Volunteers: 100

2. Generosity Feeds Set Up  |  Saturday

Time: Saturday, August 24 at 4P

Location: Brookside Church

Details: Set up tables & organize supplies

Supplies: Helping hands

Max Volunteers: 30

3. Camp Red Cedar - FULL

Location: 3900 Hursh Rd.

Details: We will be helping with general ground updates and various improvement projects.

Supplies: Gloves

Max Volunteers: 150

4. Mowing for Elderly/Disabled

Location: Northeast Fort Wayne

Details: We’ll be headed to a few houses to cut grass for those who are elderly or disabled.

Supplies: Lawn Mower, Trimmer

Max Volunteers: 20

5. Shepherd's House Painting - FULL

Location: 519 Tennessee Ave.

Details: We will be partnering with Shepherd's House to paint a couple of their wheel chair ramps.

Supplies: Paint Supplies

Max Volunteers: 20

6. Painting of the Hands - FULL

Location: 1651 Cass St.

Details: We will paint/stencil hand prints on 1,600 square feet of external wall for Mission Church.

Supplies: Bring a can of exterior spray paint of your favorite color(s), a step ladder if possible, and any size hand stencil you may wish to create!

Max Volunteers: 50

7. Home Roof Repair - FULL

Location: Northeast Fort Wayne

Details: We will be helping repair a leaking mobile home roof by painting the roof with a rubber coating and replacing the porch roof with rolled roofing.

Supplies: Hammer, Ladder, Paint Supplies, Gloves

Max Volunteers: 20

8. Vincent Village Landscaping

Location: 2827 Holton Ave.

Details: Will be helping with the landscaping and laying hay around their campus.

Supplies: Gloves

Max Volunteers: 20

9. House Fire Cleanup - FULL

Location: Northeast Fort Wayne

Details: We're going to help demolish and clean up a home that had a fire.

Supplies: Hammer, Gloves, Wheelbarrows

Max Volunteers: 20

10. Gateway Woods LARC

Location: 14505 Klopfenstein Rd.

Details: We will be building a shed and swing set.

Supplies: Building tools

Max Volunteers: 15

12. J29 Ministries

Location: 2177 Eden St.

Details: Cleaning/rearranging several storage units/miscellaneous projects.

Supplies: Unspecified

Max Volunteers: 6

13. Redemption House (New)

Location: 426 E. Wayne St.

Details: Painting deck and two sections of the home.

Supplies: Paint and Paint Supplies

Max Volunteers: 10

14. Redemption House (Old)

Location: 2720 Fairfield Ave.

Details: Deck, fence prep, and painting. Possibly some yard work.

Supplies: Paint and Paint Supplies

Max Volunteers: 15

15. Single Mom Project

Location: North Fort Wayne

Details: Deck and shed painting, yard work and fence repair.

Supplies: Painting supplies, mulch, bush trimmers, pick-up truck for yard debris.

Max Volunteers: 15

16. The Crossing School

Location: 1010 N Coliseum Blvd.

Details: Deep cleaning and note writing for students.

Supplies: Cleaning Supplies

Max Volunteers: 18

17. Mission Church Pantry - FULL

Location: Crossview to Mission Church

Details: Load truck, deliver, and sort donated items to Mission Church pantry.

Supplies: Helping hands

Max Volunteers: 10

18. Celebration Helpers - FULL

Location: Riverside Gardens

Details: Help set up the site, welcome guests, serve food/drinks, and spend time in prayer for the event. You are asked to serve on this project from 11-2pm.

Max Volunteers: 20

19. Fire Hydrant Painting

Location: Grabill

Details: Paint fire hydrants located around the town of Grabill.

Supplies: Paint brushes, wire scraper brushes, rages, etc.

Max Volunteers: 8